Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Spring Free Length Measurement
Since the spring [A] becomes shorter as it weakens,
check its free length to determine its condition.
If any of the springs is shorter than the service limit, it must
be replaced.
Clutch Spring Free Length
28.1 mm
Service Limit:
26.7 mm
Friction Plate/Clutch Housing Cleara nce Inspection
Measure the clearance between the tongues [A] on the
friction plate and the fingers [B] of the clutch housing.
If this clearance is excessive, the clutch will be noisy.
If the clearance exceeds the service limit, replace the fric-
tion plates.
Friction Plate/Clutch Housing Clearance
0.3 0.6 mm
Service Limit:
0.9 mm
Clutch Hub Spline Inspection
Visually inspect where the teeth on the steel plates wear
against the splines [A] of the clutch hub.
If there are notches worn into the splines, replace the
clutch hub. Also, replace the clutch plates if their teeth
are damaged.