Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Cylinder Head
Cylinder Compression Measurement
Start the engine.
Thoroughly warm up the engine so that the engine oil be-
tween the piston and cylinder wall will help seal compres-
sion as it does during normal running.
Stop the engine.
Remove the fuel tank (see Fuel System chapter).
Remove the spark plug, and screw a compression gauge
firmly into the spark plug hole.
Use a compression gauge commercially available. It’s
impossible to install as the frame will interfere with the
operation if using KAWASAKI special tools (PN: 57001
-221 & 57001-1159).
With the throttle fully open, turn the engine over sharply
with the kickstarter several times until the compression
gauge stops rising the compression is the highest reading
Cylinder Compression
Usable Range:
755 1 177 kPa (7.70 12 .0
kgf/cm², 109 171 psi)
If cylinder compression is higher than the usable range,
check the following:
1. Carbon build up on the piston head and cylinder head
- clean off any carbon on the piston head and cylinder
2. Cylinder head gasket, cylinder base gasket - use only
the proper gaskets for the cylinder head and base. The
use of gasket of the incorrect thickness will change the
If cylinder compression is lower than the usable range,
check the following:
1. Piston/cylinder clearance, piston seizure
2. Gas leakage around the cylinder head - replace the
damaged gasket and check the cylinder head for warp-
3. Piston ring, piston ring groove, piston ring groove clear-
Cylinder Head Removal
Drain the coolant (see Cooling System chapter).
Side Covers
Fuel Tank (see Fuel System chapter)
Cooling Hose at Cylinder Head
Spark Plug
Remove the cylinder head nuts [A], and take off the cylin-
der head [B] and gasket [C].