Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Front Fork
Inner Tube Inspection
Visually inspect the inner tube [A], repair any damage.
Nick or rust damage can sometimes be repaired by using
a wet-stone to remove sharp edges or raised areas which
cause seal damage.
If the damage is not repairable, replace the inner tube.
Since damage to the inner tube damages the oil seal,
replace the oil seal whenever the inner tube is repaired
or replaced.
Temporarily assemble the inner and outer tubes, and
pump them back and forth manually to check for smooth
If the inner tube is badly bent or creased, replace
it. Excessive bending, followed by subsequent
straightening, can weaken the inner tube.
Guide Bush Inspection
Visually inspect the guide bushes [A], and replace them if
Dust Seal/Oil Seal Inspection
Inspect the dust seal [A] for any signs of deterioration or
Replace it if necessary.
Replace the oil seal [B] with a new one whenever it has
been removed.
Spring Tension Inspection
Since a spring becomes shorter as it weakens, check its
free length [A] to determine it condition.
If the spring of either fork leg is shorter than the service
limit, it must be replaced. If the length of a replacement
spring and that of the remaining spring vary greatly, the
remaining spring should also be replaced in order to keep
the fork legs balanced fro motorcycle stability.
Fork Spring Free Length
Standard: 455.7 mm (KX65-A1)
470.7 mm (KX65-A2)
497.1 mm (KX65-A3 )
Service Limit: 446.6 mm (KX65-A1)
461.3 mm (KX65-A2)
487.2 mm (KX65-A3 )