Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Air Cleaner
Air Cleaner Housing Remova l
Radiator Shrouds
Side Covers
Rear Fender
Rear Flap
Rear Frame Mounting Bolts [A]
Rear Frame [B]
Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Bolts [C]
Loosen the air cleaner duct clamp [D].
Remove the air cleaner housing [E].
Air Cleaner Housing Installation
Installation is the reverse of the removal.
Tighten the rear frame mounting bolts.
Torque - Rear Frame Mounting Bolts: 34 N·m (3.5 kgf·m, 25
Air Cleaner Housing Plate Nuts: 3.0 N·m (0.31
kgf·m, 27 in·lb)
Air Cleaner Housing Mounting Bolts: 8.8 N·m
(0.90 kgf·m, 78 in·lb)
Element Removal
Remove the seat.
Remove the wing bolt [A] and pull out the element [B].
Stuff a clean, lint-free towel into the carburetor so no dirt
is allowed to enter the carburetor.
Wipe out the inside of the air cleaner housing w ith a clean
damp towel.
Check inside of the inlet tract and carburetor for
dirt. If dirt is present, clean the intake tract and car-
buretor thoroughly. You may also need to replace
the element and seal the housing and inlet tract.
Element Installation
When installing the element, coat the lip of the element
with a thick layer of all purpose grease [A] to assure a
complete seal against the air cleaner element base. Also,
coat the base where the lip of the element fits.