Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

10-18 BRAKES
Master Cylinder
Rear Master Cylinder Disassembly
Remove the rear master cylinder.
Slide the dust cover [A] on the push rod [B] out of place,
and remove the retainer [C].
Special Tool - Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143
Pull out the push rod with the piston stop [D].
Take off the piston [E], primary cup [G], and return spring
Do not remove the secondary cup [F] from the pis-
ton since removal will damage it.
Remove the circlip [I], and take off the connector [J] and
O-ring [K].
Master Cylinder Asse mbly
Before assembly, clean all parts including the master
cylinder with brake fluid or alcohol.
Apply brake fluid to the removed parts and to the inner
wall of the cylinder.
Except for the disc pads and disc, use only disc
brake fluid, isopropyl alcohol, or ethyl alcohol for
cleaning brake parts. Do not use any other fluid for
cleaning these parts. G asoline, engine oil, or any
other petroleum distillate will cause deterioration of
the rubber parts. Oil spilled on any part will be diffi-
cult to wash off completely, and will eventually de-
teriorate the rubber used in the disc brake.
Take care not to scratch the piston or the inner wall of the
Tighten the brake lever pivot bolt and the locknut securely.
Torque - Rear Master Cylinder Push Rod Locknut: 18 N·m
(1.8 kgf·m, 13 ft·lb)