Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Wheels (Rims)
Front Wheel Removal
Using the jack [A] under the frame, and stabilize the mo-
Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238
Place a stand under the engine to raise the front wheel
the ground.
Remove the cotter pin [A]
Unscrew the axle nut [B].
Remove the axle [A], and pull out the wheel. Take off the
collar [B] and cap [C] from each side of the front hub.
Do not lay the wheel on the ground with the disc
facing down. This can damage or warp the disc.
Place blocks under the wheel so the disc does not
touch the ground.
Insert a wood wedge between the disc brake pads. This
prevents them from being moved out of their proper posi-
tion, should the brake lever be squeezed accidentally.
Front Wheel Installation
Apply grease [A] to the s eals.
Fit the projection on the cap to the groove on the collar.
Install the caps [B] collars [C] on the left and right side of
the hub. The collars and caps are the same.
Insert the axle [D] from left side.
Tighten the front axle nut [E].
Torque - Front Axle Nut: 79 N·m (8.0 kgf·m, 58 ft·lb)