Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Ignition System
To avoid extremely high voltage shocks, do not
touch the coil or lead.
If the distance reading is less than the specified value, the
ignition coil or spark plug cap is defective.
3 Needle Arcing Distance
To determine which part is defective, measure the arcing
distance again with the spark plug cap removed from the
ignition coil lead.
If the arcing distance is subnormal as before, the trouble
is with the ignition coil itself. If the arcing distance is now
normal, the trouble is with the spark plug cap.
C: KX65A6F
Measuring Coil Resistance
If the arcing tester is not available, the coil can be
checked for a broken or badly shorted winding with an
ohmmeter. However, an ohmmeter cannot detect layer
shorts and shorts resulting from insulation breakdown
under high voltage.
Remove the ignition coil.
Measure the primary winding resistance [A].
Connect an ohmmeter between the coil terminals.
Set the meter to the × 1 range, and read the meter.
KX65A6F [C]
Measure the secondary winding resistance [B].
Pull the spark plug cap off the lead.
Connect an ohmmeter between the spark plug lead and
the ground lead terminal.
Set the meter to the × 1 k range, and read the meter.
If the meter does not read as specified, replace the coil.
If the meter reads as specified, the ignition coil windings
are probably good. However, if the ignition system still
does not perform as it should after all other components
have been checked, test replace the coil with one known
to be good.
Ignition Coil Winding Resistance
Primary Windings: 0.26 0.36 1 )
Secondary Windings: 2.64 3.57 1 k)
Primary Windings:
0.36 0.48 1 )
Secondary Windings: 5.4 7.4 1 k)
Check the spark plug lead for visible damage.
If the spark plug lead is damaged, replace the coil.