Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

There are numbers of important precautions that are
musts when servicing electrical systems. Learn and ob-
serve all the rules below.
The electrical parts should never be struck sharply, as
with a hammer, or allowed to fall on a hard surface. Such
a shock to the parts can damage them.
Troubles may involve one or in some cases all items.
Never replace a defective part without determining what
CAUSED the failure. If the failure was caused by some
other item or items, they too must be repaired or replaced,
or the new replacement will soon fail again.
Make sure all connectors in the circuit are clean and tight,
and examine wires for signs of burning, fraying, etc. Poor
wires and bad connections will affect electrical system op-
Measure coil and winding resistance when the part is cold
(at room temperature).
Electrical Connectors
[A] Female Connectors
[B] Male Connectors
Safety Instructions
The ignition system produces extremely high volt-
age. Do not touch the spark plug, ignition coil, or
high tension lead while the engine is running, or
you could receive a severe electrical shock.