Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Steering Ste m, Stem Bearing Removal
Front Wheel (see Wheels/Tires chapter)
Brake Hose C lamp (see Brake System chapter)
Caliper Mounting Bolts (see Brake System chapter)
Master Cylinder Clamp (see Brake System chapter)
Front Fender
Handlebar (see Handlebar Removal)
Front Fork (see Suspension chapter)
Remove the steering stem head nut and washer.
Remove the steering stem head.
Pushing up on the stem base [A], and remove the steering
stem nut [B], with the steering stem nut wrench [C], then
remove the steering stem [D].
Special Tool - Steering Stem Nut Wrench: 57001-1100
Take off the upper stem bearing inner race (tapered roller
bearing) [A].
Drive out the bearing outer races from the head pipe.
Remove the outer races pressed into the head pipe, using
the head pipe outer race remover [A], and hammer the
head pipe outer race remover to drive it out.
Special Tool - Head Pipe Outer Race Remover: 57001
If either steering stem bearing is damaged, it is recom-
mended that both the upper and lower bearing (includ-
ing outer races) should be replaced with new ones.
Remove the lower stem bearing inner race (tapered roller
bearing) [A] with its grease seal from the stem using suit-
able tools.