Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Fuel Tank
Fuel Tap Inspection
Remove the fuel tap.
Check the fuel tap filter screen [A] for any breaks or dete-
If the fuel tap screen have any breaks or is deteriorated, it
may allow dirt to reach the carburetor, causing poor run-
ning. Replace the fuel tap.
If the fuel tap leaks, or allows fuel to flow when it is at OFF
position, replace the damaged O-ring [B].
Fuel Tank and Tap Cleaning
Clean the tank in a well-ventilated area, and take
care that there is no sparks or flame anywhere near
the working area. Because of the danger of highly
flammable liquids, do not use gasoline or low flash
-point solvent to clean the tank.
Remove the fuel tank and drain it.
Pour some high flash-point solvent into the fuel tank and
shake the tank to remove dirt and fuel deposits.
Pour the solvent out of the tank.
Remove the fuel tap from the tank by taking out the bolts.
Clean the fuel tap filter screen in a high flash-point sol-
Pour high flash-point solvent through the tap in all lever
Dry the tank and tap with compressed air.
Install the tap in the tank.
Install the fuel tank.