Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Front Fork
Adjust the oil level.
With the fork fully compressed, put the oil level gauge [A]
and the stopper [B], and inspect the distance from the top
of the inner tube to the oil.
Special Tool - Fork Oil Level Gauge: 57001-1290
Oil Level (fully compressed, without spring)
Standard: 124 ±2 mm (KX65-A1)
126 ±2 mm (KX65-A2)
132 ±2 mm (KX65-A3 )
Adjustable Range:
98 140 mm (KX65-A1)
96 139 mm (KX65-A2)
98 142 mm (KX65-A3 )
If no oil is drawn out, there is insufficient oil in the fork
tube. Pour in enough oil, then drawn out the excess oil.
Install the parts removed (see Front Fork Assembly)
Front Fork Removal
Remove the front brake hose clamps [A].
Remove the caliper [B] from the fork leg to be removed,
and rest the caliper on some kind of stand so that it doesn’t
Remove the front wheel (see Wheels/Tires chapter).
Remove the number plate.
Loosen the upper and lower fork clamp bolts [A].
With a twisting motion, work the fork leg down and out.