Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Hub Bearings
Replace the circlip and oil seals with new ones.
Press in the oil seals [A] so that the seal surface is flush
[B] with the end of the hole.
Apply high temperature grease to the oil seal lips.
Special Tool - Bearing Driver set: 57001-1129 [C]
Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143
Bearing Inspection
It is not necessary to remove any bearings for i nspec-
tion. If any bearings are removed, they will need to be
replaced with new ones.
Spin [A] it by hand to check its condition.
If it is noisy, does not spin smoothly, or has any rough
spots, it must be replaced.
Examine the bearing seal [B] for tears or leakage.
If the seal is torn or is leaking, replace the bearing.