Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Steering Stem, Stem Be aring Installation
Replace the bearing outer race with new ones.
Apply grease to the outer races, and drive them into the
head pipe using the press shaft [A] and the drivers [B].
Special Tools - Head Pipe Outer Race Press Shaft: 57001
Head Pipe Outer Race Driver: 57001-1106
Replace the lower inner races with new ones.
Apply grease to the lower inner race, and drive it onto
the stem using the s teering stem bearing driver [A] and
adapter [B].
Special Tools - Steering Stem Bearing Driver: 57001-137
Steering Stem Bearing Driver Adapter:
Apply grease to the upper inner race, and install it in the
head pipe.
Install the stem through steering the head pipe and up-
per bearing, and hand-tighten the steering stem nut while
pushing up on the stem base.
Install the stem head and washer, and tighten the stem
head nut lightly.
Settle the bearing in place as follows;
Tighten the steering stem nut to 39 N·m (4.0 kgf·m, 29
ft·lb) of torque. (To tighten the steering s tem nut to the
specified torque, hook the wrench [A] on the steering stem
nut, and pull the wrench at the hole by 22.2 k g force [B]
in the direction shown.)
Special Tool - Steering Stem Nut Wrench: 57001-1100
Check that there is no play and the steering stem turns
smoothly without rattles. If not, the steering stem bearings
may be damaged.
Again back out the steering stem nut a fraction of a turn
until it turns lightly.
Turn the steering stem nut lightly clockwise until it just
becomes hard to turn. Do not overtighten, or the steering
will be too tight.
Torque - Steering Stem Nut: 2.9 N·m (0.3 kgf·m, 26 in·lb)
Install the front fork (see the Suspension chapter).
Tighten the fork upper clamp bolts first, next the stem
head nut, last the fork lower clamp bolt.