Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Ignition System
Spark Plug C leaning and Inspe ction
Remove the spark plug, and visually inspect it.
Clean the spark plug, preferably in a sandblasting device,
and then clean off any abrasive particles. The plug may
also be cleaned using a high flash-point solvent and a wire
brush or other suitable tool.
If the spark plug electrodes are corroded or damaged,
or if the insulator is cracked, replace the plug. Use the
standard spark plug.
Torque - Spark Plug: 26 N·m (2.6 kgf·m, 19 ft·lb)
Spark Plug Gap Inspection
Measure the gap [A] with a wire-type thickness gauge.
If the gap is incorrect, carefully bend the side electrode
[B] with a suitable tool to obtain the correct gap.
Spark Plug Gap
0.5 0.6 mm
CDI Unit Removal
Turn the handlebar to the right. (KX65-A1 A6)
Disconnect the harness connector [A].
Unscrew the mounting bolt [B] and remove the CDI Unit
KX65A6F :
Disconnect the harness connector [A].
Remove the CDI Unit mounting bolts [B] and remove the
CDI Unit [C].
Torque - CDI Unit Mounting Bolts: 8.8 N·m (0.90 kgf·m, 78
CDI Unit Inspection
When inspecting the CDI Unit observe the following
to avoid damage to the CDI Unit.
Do not disconnect the CDI Unit while the engine is
This may damage the CDI Unit.