Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Coolant Draining
The coolant should be changed periodically to ensure
long engine life.
To avoid burns, do not remove the radiator cap or
try to change the coolant when the engine is still
hot. Wait until it cools down.
Coolant on tires will make them slippery and can
cause an accident and injury. Immediately w ipe up
or wash away any coolant that spills on the frame,
engine or other painted parts. Since coolant is
harmful to the human body, do not use for drinking.
Remove the radiator cap.
Remove the radiator cap in two steps. First turn the
cap counterclockwise to the first stop and wait there for
a few seconds. Then push down and turn it further in
the same direction and remove the cap.
Place a container under the coolant drain plug [A], and
drain the coolant from the radiator and engine by remov-
ing the drain plug on the water pump cover. Immediately
wipe or wash out any coolant that spills on the frame, en-
gine, or wheel.
Inspect the old coolant for visual evidence of corrosion
and abnormal smell (see Coolant Deterioration Inspec-
Coolant Filling
Use coolant containing corrosion inhibitors made
specifically for aluminum engines and radiators in
accordance with the instruction of the manufac-
turer. Soft or distilled water must be used with the
antifreeze (see below for antifreeze) in the cooling
system. If hard water is used in the system, it
causes scale accumulation in the water passages,
and considerably reduces the efficiency of the
cooling system.
Recommended Coolant
Permanent type antifreeze (soft
water and ethylene glycol plus
corrosion and rust inhibitor
chemicals for aluminum engines
and radiators)
Color: Green
Mixed Ratio: Soft water 50%, Coolant 50%
Freezing Point: –35°C (–31°F)
Total Amount: 0.4 L