Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Brake Fluid
The procedure to change the front brake fluid is as fol-
lows. Changing the rear brake fluid is the same a s for
the front brake.
Level the brake fluid reservoir.
Remove the reservoir cap.
Remove the rubber cap [A] on the bleed valve [B].
Attach a c lear plastic hose to the bleed valve on the
caliper, and run the other end of the hose into a con-
Change the brake fluid as follows:
Repeat this operation until fresh brake fluid comes out
from the plastic hose or the color of the fluid changes.
1. Open the bleed valve [A]
2. Apply the brake and hold it [B]
3. Close the bleed valve [C]
4. Release the brake [D]
Fill the reservoir with fresh specified brake fluid.
The fluid level must be checked often during the chang-
ing operation and replenished with fresh brake fluid. If
the fluid in the reservoir runs out any time during the
changing operation, the brakes will need to be bled
since air will have entered the brake line.
Remove the clear plastic hose.
Tighten the bleed valves, and install the rubber cap.
Torque - Caliper Bleed Valve: 7.8 N·m (0.8 kgf·m, 69 in·lb)
After c hanging the fluid, check the brake for good braking
power, no brake drag, and no fluid leakage.
If necessary, bleed the air from the lines.
Do not mix two brands of fluid. Change the brake
fluid in the brake line completely if the brake fluid
must be refilled but the type and brand of the brake
fluid that is already in the reservoir are unidentified.
Follow the procedure shown below to install the rear
brake fluid reservoir cap correctly. First, tighten the rear
brake reservoir cap [B] clockwise [C] by hand until slight
resistance is felt indicating that the cap is seated on the
reservoir body, then tighten the cap an additional 1/6
turn [D] while holding the brake fluid reservoir body [A].