Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Right Engine Cover
Right Engine Cover Removal
Drain the engine oil (see Engine Oil Change in the Engine
Bottom End/Transmission chapter).
Drain the coolant (see Coolant Draining in the Cooling
System chapter).
Water Hose Lower Ends
Kick Pedal
Clutch Cable Lower End (see this chapter)
Brake Pedal
Water Pump Impeller (see Cooling System chapter)
Remove the right engine cover mounting bolts.
Turn the clutch release lever [A] toward the rear and re-
move the right engine cover [B].
Engine Right Cover Installation
Apply molybdenum disulfide grease [A] to the water pump
shaft to prevent water pump seal damage.
If the right engine cover is installed without greas-
ing the pump shaft, the pump seal could damage.
There are two knock pins [A] on the mating surfaces of
the crankcase and right engine cover .
Run the breather hose [B] into the clamp [C] and position
it with the right engine cover mounting bolt as shown.