Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Throttle Grip and Cable
If the throttle grip has excessive free play due to cable
stretch or mis-adjustment, there will be a delay in throttle
response. Also, the throttle valve may not open fully at full
throttle. On the other hand, if the throttle grip has no play,
the throttle will be hard to control, and the idle speed will
be erratic. Check the throttle grip play periodically in accor-
dance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart, and adjust the
play if necessary.
The throttle cable routing is shown in Cable, Wire and
Hose Routing in the General Information chapter.
Free Play Inspection
Check the throttle grip free play [B] by lightly turning the
throttle grip [A] back and forth.
If the free play is improper, adjust the throttle cable.
Throttle Grip Free Play
2 3mm
Free Play Adjustment
Loosen the locknut [A] at the upper end of the throttle
Turn the adjuster [B] until the proper amount of throttle
grip free play is obtained.
Tighten the locknut.
If the throttle grip free play cannot be adjusted with the
adjuster at the upper end of the throttle cable, use the
cable adjuster [A] at the carburetor.
Pull the boot off of the carburetor top. Make the necessary
free play adjustment at the lower cable adjuster, tighten
the locknut [B], and install the boot.
Turn the handlebar from side to side while idling the en-
gine. If idle speed varies, the throttle cable may be poorly
routed or it may be damaged.
Operation with a n improperly adjusted, incorrectly
routed, or damaged cable could result in an unsafe
riding condition.
Throttle Cable I nstallation
Install the throttle cable in accordance with the Cable,
Wire and Hose Routing section in the General Informa-
tion chapter.
After the installation, adjust each cable properly.
Operation with an incorrectly routed or improperly
adjusted cable could result in an unsafe riding con-