Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Tire Removal
Do not lay the wheel on the ground with the disc
facing down. This can damage or warp the disc.
Place blocks under the wheel so the disc does not
touch the ground.
Remove the wheel from the motorcycle (see Wheels Re-
To maintain wheel balance, mark [A] the valve stem posi-
tion on the tire with chalk so that the tire can be reinstalled
in the same position.
Take out the valve core [B] to let out the air.
Remove the valve stem nut [C].
When handling the rim, be careful not to damage the rim
Remove the bead protector nut.
Lubricate the tire beads and rim flanges on both sides with
a soap and water solution or rubber lubricant. This helps
the tire beads slip off the rim flanges.
Never lubricate with mineral oil (engine oil) or gaso-
line because they will cause deterioration of the tire.
Break the beads away from both sides of the rim with the
bead breaker [A].
Special Tool - Bead Breaker Assembly: 57001-1072
Step on the side of the tire opposite valve stem, pry the
tire off the rim with the tire iron [A] of the bead breaker
protecting the rim with rim protectors [B].
Special Tools - Rim Protector: 57001-1063
Tire Iron Protection of the Bead Breaker As-
sembly: 57001-1072
Take care not to insert the tire irons so deeply that
the tube gets damaged.
Remove the tube when one side of the tire is pried off.
Pry the tire off the rim.