Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Transmission Oil
In order for the transmission and clutch to function prop-
erly, always maintain the transmission oil at the proper level
and change the oil periodically.
Motorcycle operation with insufficient, deteri-
orated, or contaminated transmission oil will
accelerated wear and may result in transmission
seizure, and injury.
Oil Level Inspection
Situate the motorcycle so that it is perpendicular to the
If the motorcycle has just been used, wait several minutes
until the oil settles.
Check that the oil level comes up between the upper level
[A] and lower level [B] through the oil level gauge [C] on
the right engine cover .
If the oil level is too high, remove the excess oil through
the oil filler opening using a syringe or some other suitable
If the oil level is too low, add the correct amount of oil.
Use the same type and make of oil that is already in the
If the engine oil type and make are unknown, use any
brand of the specified oil to top up the level in preference
to running the engine with the oil level low. Then at your
earliest convenience, change the oil completely.
Oil C hange
Warm up the engine thoroughly so that the oil will pick up
any sediment and drain easily. Then stop the engine.
Place an oil pan beneath the engine.
Remove the engine oil drain plug [A] on the bottom of the
engine, and let the oil drain completely.
Hold the motorcycle upright so that the oil may drain