Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Handlebar Removal
Engine Stop Button [A]
Clutch Holder [B]
Throttle Grip Assembly [C]
Front Master Cylinder [D]
Handlebar Holders [E]
Handlebar [F]
Handlebar Installation
Apply adhesive cement to the inside of the left handlebar
grip [A].
Install the front master cylinder (see Front Master Cylinder
Installation in the Brakes chapter).
Mount the handlebar clamps [B] so that the arrows [C] on
the clamp point at the front [A].
Align the punch mark [D] on the handlebar to the mating
surface of each clamps of handlebar.
Tighten the handlebar clamp bolts.
Torque - Handlebar Clamp Bolts: 25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18
Tighten the clamp bolts, front first and then the rear. If
the handlebar clamp is correctly installed, there will be no
gap at the front and a gap [E] at the rear after tightening.
Clutch Lever Installation
Install the clutch lever so that the mating surface [A] of the
clutch lever clamp is aligned with the punch mark [B].
Torque - Clutch Lever Clamp Bolts: 8.8 N·m (0.90 kgf·m, 78