Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Check the tapered portion [A] of the pilot screw [B] for
wear or damage.
If the pilot screw is worn or damaged on the tapered por-
tion , it will prevent the engine from idling smoothly. Re-
place it.
Remove the float valve needle [B].
Check the plastic tip [A] for wear.
If the needle is worn as shown [C], replace the valve nee-
Push the rod [D] in the valve needle, then push and re-
lease [E] it.
If the rod does not come out fully by spring tension, re-
place the valve needle.
Remove the slow jet.
Check the slow jet for any damage.
If the slow jet is damaged, replace it with a new one.
Remove the throttle valve and jet needle.
Inspect the outside of the throttle valve for scratches and
abnormal wear.
If it is badly scratched or worn, replace the throttle valve.
Inspect the inside of the carburetor body for these same
If it is badly scratched or worn, replace the entire c arbu-
Check the jet needle for wear.
A worn jet needle should be replaced.
Clean the fuel and air passages with a high flash-point
solvent and compressed air.