Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Rear Suspension (Uni-Trak)
Rear Shock Absorber
The rear suspension system of this motorcycle is Uni-trak.
It consists of a rear shock absorber, swingarm, tie-rod and
rocker arm.
To suit to various riding conditions, the spring preload of
the shock absorber can be adjusted or the spring can be
replaced with an optional one.
The damping force can be adjusted easily so changing oil
viscosity unnecessary.
Rebound Damping Force Adjustment
To adjust the rebound damping force, turn the lower
damping adjuster [A] punch mark [B].
If the damping feels too soft or too s tiff, adjust it.
Seated position: adjuster tuned fully clockwise [A]
Rebound Damping Adjuster Setting
Standard: 1 1/2 turns out
Differ the individually for shock absorber side of the punch
mark position [B].
Spring Preload Adjustment
Side Covers
Rear Frame [A]
Air Cleaner Housing [B]
Using the jack under the frame, raise the rear wheel off
the ground.
Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238
Using the hook wrenches [A], loosen the locknut [B] on
the rear shock absorber.
Special Tool - Hook Wrench: 57001-1101