Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Front F ork
Check both top plug O-ring [A] for damage and replace
them if necessary.
Install the fork top plug.
Install the fork top plug and fork spring seat (KX65-A3 ).
Tighten the fork top plug.
Torque - Front Fork Top Plug: 22 N·m (2.2 kgf·m, 16 ft·lb)
Assemble the other fork tube in the same way as de-
scribed above.
Install the parts removed.
Install the handlebar assembly (see Steering). :
Oil Change/Oil Level Adjustment (eac h fork leg)
Remove the front fork (see this chapter).
Remove the following.
Top Plug
Fork Spring
Fork Spring Seat (KX65-A3 )
The top plugs are under extreme spring force. Take
care when removing the top plugs. Wear eye and
face protection.
Hold the fork tube upside down over a clean container
and pump it to drain the oil.
Fill the front fork to the top with specified oil.
Recommended Oil
SHOWA SS-8 or equivalent
Front Fork Oil Capacity (completely dry)
238 ±2.5 mL (KX65-A1)
240 ±2.5 mL (KX65-A2)
252 ±2.5 mL (KX65-A3 )