Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Slide the jet needle out of the throttle valve.
Pull out the s nap ring [A], and remove the throttle cable
from the carburetor cap [B].
Disassemble the carburetor body.
Choke Plunger Assembly [A] (unscrew)
Idle Adjusting Screw, Spring and O-ring [B] (unscrew)
Air Screw and Spring [C] (unscrew)
Disassemble the carburetor body bottom end.
Float Bowl [A]
Gasket [B]
Float [D]
Float Valve [E]
Needle Jet [F]
Plastic Holder [G]
Pilot Jet [H]
Main Jet [I]
Carburetor Assembly
Clean the disassembled parts (see this chapter).
Do not overtighten the jets. They could be damaged
requiring replacement.
Replace the float bowl gasket with a new one if it is dete-
riorated or damaged.
Be sure to install the retainer [A].
Carburetor Cleaning
Clean the carburetor in a well-ventilated area, and
take care that there is no spark or flame anywhere
near the working area; this includes any appliance
with a pilot light. Because of the danger of highly
flammable liquids, do not use gasoline or low flash
-point solvent to clean the carburetor.
Make sure the fuel tap is in the OFF position.
Remove the carburetor.
Drain the fuel in the carburetor.
Disassemble the carburetor.