Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Brake Lever, Brake Pedal
Brake Lever Play Adjustment
Adjust the front brake lever [A] to suit you.
Slide the brake lever dust cover [B] out of place.
Loosen the adjuster locknut [C] and turn the adjuster [D]
to either side.
After adjustment, tighten the locknut.
Always maintain proper brake adjustment. If ad-
justment is improper, the brake could drag and
overheat. This could damage the brake assembly
and possibly lock the wheel resulting in loss of
Brake Pedal Position/Ped al Play Adjustment
The brake pedal position and pedal play should not be
adjusted. There is no pedal position adjustment device
as such. The only adjustment is master cylinder push rod
Usually it is not necessary to adjust the push rod length,
but always adjust it when the rear master cylinder [A] is
When the brake pedal is in its rest position, measure
the length [B] indicated in the figure.
B: 80.5 mm
C: Push Rod Locknut
If the length is not within the specified length, adjust the
clevis [A] as follows.
Loosen the push rod locknut [B].
Pull out the cotter pin [C] and the joint pin [D].
Turn the clevis to obtain the specified length.
Tighten the locknut.
Torque - Push Rod Locknut: 18 N·m (1.8 kgf·m, 13 ft·lb)
Install the joint pin and new cotter pin.
If the pedal position is incorrect after adjusting the mas-
ter cylinder push rod, the brake pedal may be deformed
or incorrectly installed.
Brake Pedal Removal
Cotter Pin [A]
Joint Pin [B]