Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Radiator Removal
Drain the coolant (see Coolant Draining).
Left Shroud [A]
Water Hose [B]
Radiator Mounting Bolts [C]
Radiator Screen [D]
Breather Hose
Radiator [E]
Radiator Installation
Radiator installation is the reverse of removal.
Route the water and breather hoses correctly.
Torque - Radiator Mounting Bolts: 8.8 N·m (0.90 kgf·m, 78
Shroud Mounting Bolts: 8.8 N·m (0.90 kgf·m , 78
Radiator Inspection
Check the radiator core.
If there are obstructions to air flow, remove them.
If the corrugated fins are deformed, carefully straighten
them with the thin blade of a screwdriver [A].
Do not tear the radiator tubes while straightening
the fins.
If the air passages of the radiator core are blocked more
than 20% by unremovable obstructions or irreparably de-
formed fins, replace the radiator with a new one.
When cleaning the radiator with a steam cleaner, be
careful of the following to prevent radiator damage.
Keep the steam gun [C] away more than 0.5 m [B]
from the radiator core. Hold the steam gun perpen-
dicular to the core surface. Run the steam gun fol-
lowing the core fin direction [A].