Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Drive C hain
Drive Chain Slack Inspection
Support the motorcycle on its stand.
Check the wheel alignment (see Wheel Alignment Inspec-
tion), and adjust it if necessary (see Wheel Alignment Ad-
Clean the drive chain if it is dirty, and lubricate it if it
appears dry.
Rotate the rear wheel to find the position where the chain
is tightest.
Measure the space (chain slack) [A] between the chain
and the swingarm at the rear of the chain slipper with the
rear wheel raised off the ground.
If the drive chain slack exceeds the standard, adjust it.
Chain Slack
44 54 mm
KX65-A3 45 55 mm
Drive Chain Slack Adjustment
Loosen the left and right chain adjuster locknuts [A].
Remove the cotter pin [B] and loosen the axle nut [C].
If the chain is too tight, back out the left and right chain
adjusting bolts [D] evenly, and push the wheel forward
until the chain is too loose.
If the chain is too loose, turn both chain adjusting bolts
evenly until the drive chain has the correct amount of
slack. To keep the chain and wheel properly aligned, the
rear end of the left chain adjuster should align with the
same swingarm mark [E] as the rear end [F] of the right
chain adjuster.
Check the wheel alignment.
Tighten both chain adjuster locknuts securely.
Tighten the axle nut.
Torque - Rear Axle Nut: 79 N·m (8.0 kgf·m, 58 ft·lb)
Insert a new cotter pin [A].
When inserting the cotter pin, if the slots in the nut do
not align with the cotter pin hole in the axle, tighten the
nut clockwise [B] up to next alignment.
It should be within 30 degree.
Loosen once and tighten again when the slot goes past
the nearest hole.