Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Flywheel Magneto
Flywheel Magneto Removal
Remove the magneto cover.
Hold the flywheel steady, with the flywheel & pulley holder
[A], and remove the flywheel nut [B].
Special Tool - Flywheel & Pulley Holder: 57001-1343
Screw the flywheel puller [A] into the flywheel by turning
it counterclockwise (left-hand thread).
Remove the flywheel from the crankshaft by turning in the
puller center bolt and tapping the head of the bolt lightly
with a hammer, while holding the puller body steady.
There is a woodruff key in the crankshaft tapered portion.
Special Tool - Flywheel Puller: 57001-252
Never strike the grab bar or the flywheel itself.
Strike the bar can bond it. If the flywheel is strike,
the magnets may lose their magnetism.
Unscrew the mounting screws [A], and remove the stator
plate [B] and the wiring grommet [C].
Remove the band.
Disconnect the stator lead connectors from the harness.
Flywheel Magneto Installation
Install the stator plate.
Apply silicone sealant around the stator wiring grommet
[A], and set it in the notch [B] in the left crankcase half
securely, and route the leads according to the Cable,
Wire and Hose Routing section in the General Informa-
tion chapter.
Torque - Stator Plate Mounting Screws: 4.9 N·m (0.50
kgf·m, 43 in·lb)
Sealant - Kawasaki Bond (silicone sealant): 56019-120