Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Unscrew the carburetor cap [A], and pull out the throttle
valve assembly [B].
If the throttle valve is left attached to the cable, wrap
it in a clean cloth to avoid damage.
After removing the carburetor, push a clean, lint-free towel
into the carburetor holder and the air cleaner duct to keep
dirt or other foreign material from entering.
If dirt or dust is allowed to pass through into the
carburetor, the throttle may become stuck, possibly
causing an accident.
If dirt gets through into the engine, excessive en-
gine wear and possibly engine damage will occur.
Carburetor Installation
Being careful not to bend or otherwise damage the jet
needle, align the groove [A] in the throttle v alve with the
guide pin [B] in the carburetor body.
Check to see that the throttle valve goes all the way down
into the carburetor body, and slides smoothly.
Fit the ridge [A] into the notch [B] on the carburetor holder.
Tighten the carburetor clamp screws on the air cleaner
duct and carburetor holder securely.
Route the air vent hose and overflow hose through the
clamp on the crankcase (see Cable, Wire and Hose Rout-
ing Section in the General Information chapter).
Always keep the hoses free from obstruction, and
make sure they do not get pinched by the chain or
shock absorber.