Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Drive C hain
Stretch the chain taut by hanging a 98 N (10 kg, 20 lb)
weight [A] on the chain.
Measure the length of 20 links [B] on the straight part [C] of
the chain from the pin center of the 1st pin to the pin center
of the 21st pin. Since the chain may wear unevenly, take
measurements at several places.
Chain 20-link Length
Standard: 254.0 254.6 mm
Service Limit: 259 mm
If any measurements exceed the service limit, replace the
chain. Also, replace the front and rear sprockets when the
drive chain i s replaced.
If the drive chain w ear exceeds the service limit, re-
place the chain or an unsafe riding condition may
result. A chain that breaks or jumps off the sprock-
ets could snag on the engine sprocket or lock the
rear wheel, severely damaging the motorcycle and
causing it to go out of control.
Standard Chain
Type: DID 420MBK1
Link: 108 Links
110 Links (KX65-A3 )
Drive Chain Lubrication
If the chain appears especially dirty, it should be cleaned
before lubrication with high flash-point solvent.
If a special lubricant is not available, a heavy oil such as
SAE90 is preferred to a lighter oil because it will stay on
the chain longer and provide better lubrication.
Apply oil to the sides of the rollers so that oil will penetrate
to the rollers and bushings.
Oil Applied Areas [A]
Wipe off any excess oil.
Drive Chain Removal
Remove the engine sprocket cover.
Remove the clip [A] from the m aster link using pliers, and
free the drive chain from the rear sprocket.
Remove the drive chain from the chassis.