Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Build up pressure in the system carefully until the pres-
sure reaches 123 kPa (1.25 kgf/cm², 18 psi).
Watch the gauge for at least 6 seconds. If the pressure
holds steady, the cooling system is all right.
Remove the pressure tester, replenish the coolant, and
install the radiator cap.
If the pressure drops and no external source is found,
check for internal leaks. Check the cylinder head gasket
for leaks.
Cooling System Flushing
Over a period o f time, the cooling system accumulates
rust, scale, and lime in the water jacket and radiator. When
this accumulation is suspected or observed, flush the cool-
ing system. If this accumulation is not removed, it will clog
up the water passages and considerably reduce the effi-
ciency of the cooling system.
Drain the cooling system.
Fill the cooling system with fresh water mixed with a flush-
ing compound.
Avoid the use of a flushing compound which is
harmful to the aluminum engine and radiator.
Carefully follow the instructions supplied by the
manufacturer of the cleaning product.
Warm up the engine, and run it at normal operating tem-
perature for about ten minutes.
Stop the engine, and drain the cooling system after the
coolant cools down.
Fill the system with fresh water.
Warm up the engine and drain the system after the
coolant cools down.
Repeat the previous two steps once more.
Fill the system with a permanent type coolant, and bleed
the air from the system (see Air Bleeding).