Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Cylinder Removal
Drain the coolant (see Cooling System chapter).
Cylinder Head (see this chapter)
Carburetor (see Fuel System chapter)
Water Hose Upper End
Clutch Cable Lower End
Muffler Holding Springs
Remove the cylinder nuts [A].
Lift off the cylinder [B], and remove the cylinder base gas-
ket. If necessary, tap lightly around the base of the cylin-
der with a plastic mallet, taking care not to damage the
Cylinder Installation
Scrape any carbon out of the exhaust port.
Check on a crust of minerals and rust in the cylinder water
jacket, and remove them if necessary.
Replace the cylinder base gasket with a new one.
Apply engine oil to the piston surface, piston rings and
cylinder bore.
Check to see that the pin [A] in each piston ring groove
is between the ends of the piston ring, and fit the base of
the cylinder over each ring, pressing in on opposite sides
of the ring as necessary. Be certain that the rings do not
slip out of position.
Tighten the cylinder nuts diagonally.
Torque - Cylinder Nuts: 25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18 ft·lb)
Piston Removal
Remove the cylinder.
Stuff a clean cloth into the crankcase opening around the
connecting rod so that no parts will fall into the crankcase.
Remove one of the piston pin snap rings with needle nose
Remove the piston by pushing the piston pin out the side
from which the snap ring was removed. Use a piston pin
puller assembly [A], if the pin is tight.
Special Tools - Piston Pin Puller Assembly: 57001-910
Remove the piston ring(s).
Carefully spread the ring [A] opening with your thumbs
and then push up on the opposite side of the ring to re-
move it.