Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

BRAKES 10-17
Master Cylinder
Rear Master Cylinder Re moval
Remove the right side cover and the reservoir mounting
bolt [A].
Remove the cotter pin [B].
Pull off the joint pin [C] with washer.
Pull off the joint pin while pressing down the brake
Unscrew the brake hose banjo bolt [D] (see Brake Hose
When removing the brake hose, temporarily secure the
end of the brake hose to some high place to keep fluid
loss to a minimum.
Unscrew the master cylinder mounting bolts [E], and re-
move the master cylinder [F] with the reservoir.
Remove the reservoir cap, and pour the brake fluid into a
Remove the reservoir and its hose from the master cylin-
Rear Master Cylinder Installation
Replace the cotter pin with a new one.
Replace the washers are on each side of hose fitting with
new ones.
Tighten the following:
Torque - Master Cylinder Mounting Screws: 9.8 N·m (1.0
kgf·m, 87 in·lb)
Brake Hose Banjo Bolt: 25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18 ft·lb)
Bleed the brake line (see Bleeding the Brake Line).
Check the brake for good braking power, no brake drag,
and no fluid leakage.
Check the brake pedal position (master cylinder push rod
Front Master Cylinder Disassembly
Remove the front master cylinder.
Remove the reservoir cap and diaphragm, and pour the
brake fluid into a container.
Unscrew the locknut and pivot bolt, and remove the brake
Push the dust cover [A] out of place, and remove the cir-
clip [B].
Special Tool - Inside Circlip Pliers: 57001-143
Remove the washer [C], pull out the piston [D], primary
cup [F], and return spring [G].
Do not remove the secondary cup [E] from the pis-
ton since removal will damage it.