Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Pull out the shift rods [A].
Disengage the shift fork guide pins from the shift drum
Take off the shift drum [B]
Remove the shift forks [C] from the transmission gears.
Take out the drive shaft [D] and output shaft [E] together
with their gear meshed.
Remove the crankshaft from the right crankcase half us-
Crankcase Disassembly
Do not remove the bearings and the oil seals unless
it is necessary.
Removal may damage them.
Crankcase Assembly
Before fitting the left case on the right case, note the fol-
Chip off the old gasket from the mating surfaces of the
crankcase halves, and clean off the crankcase with a high
flash-point solvent. After cleaning, apply transmission oil
to the transmission gears, shift drum, shift forks and so
Be sure to replace any oil seal removed with a new one.
Press in the new oil seal using a press and suitable tools
so that the seal surface is flush with the surface of the
As for the crankshaft oil seal [A], on the right crankcase
half [B] press in the seal until it is bottomed.
Apply high temperature grease to the oil seal lips.
Press in the ball bearings using the bearing driver set until
the bearing is bottomed.
Special Tool - Bearing Driver Set: 57001-1129
Tighten the drive shaft bearing retaining screws securely.
Torque - Bearing Retaining Screws: 8.8 N·m (0.90 kgf·m, 78
If the crankshaft bearings stay on the crankshaft when
splitting the crankcase, remove the bearings from the
crankshaft and reinstall them in the crankcase, and then
assemble the crankcase (see Crankshaft Removal and