Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Rear Suspension (Uni-Trak)
Remove the rear shock absorber from the vise.
Remove the stopper ring [A].
Remove the spring seat [B] from the shock absorber and
lift off the spring [C].
Install the spring guide.
Adjust the spring preload (see Spring Preload Adjust-
Install the rear shock absorber.
Install the parts removed.
Spring Tension
Since a spring becomes shorter as it weakens, check its
free length [A] to determine its condition.
If the spring is shorter than the service limit, it must be
Rear Shock Absorber Spring Free Length
Standard: 206.1 mm (KX65-A1 A2)
211.1 mm (KX65-A3 )
Service L imit: 202.0 mm (KX65-A1 A2)
206.9 mm (KX65-A3 )
Rear Shock Absorber Scrapping
Since the reservoir tank of the rear shock absorber
contains nitrogen gas, do not incinerate the reser-
voir tank without first releasing the gas or it may
Remove the shock absorber (see Rear Shock Absorber
Remove the valve cap [A] and release the nitrogen gas
completely from the gas reservoir.
Remove the valve.
Since the high pressure gas is dangerous, do not
point the valve toward your face or body.