Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Gear Damage Inspection
Visually inspect the gear teeth on the transmission gears.
Repair lightly damaged gear teeth with an oilstone. The
gear must be replaced if the teeth are badly damaged.
When gear is repaired or replaced, the driving gear should
also be inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary.
Gear Dog/Gear Dog Hole Damage Inspection
Visually inspect the gear dogs [A] and gear dog holes [B].
Replace any damaged gears or gears with excessively
worn dogs or dog holes.
Ball Bearing Wear Inspection
Check the ball bearing on the crankcase.
Since the ball bearings are made to extremely close toler-
ances, the wear must be judged by feel rather than mea-
surement. Clean each bearing in a high flash-point sol-
vent, dry it (do not spin the bearing while it is dry), and oil
it with transmission oil.
Spin the bearing by hand to check its condition.
If the bearing is noisy, does not spin smoothly, or has any
rough spots, replace it.