Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

10-20 BRAKES
Brake Disk
Brake Disc Inspection
Visually inspect the disc [A].
If it is scratched or damaged, replace the disc.
Measure the thickness of each disc at the point [B] where
it has worn the most.
Replace the disc if it has worn past the service limit.
Front 2.80 3.20 mm
Rear 2.80 3.20 mm
Service Limit:
Front 2.5 mm
Rear 2.5 mm
Torque - Brake Disc Mounting Bolts: 9.8 N·m (1.0 kgf·m, 87
Place a jack under the motorcycle so that the front/rear
wheel is raised off the ground.
Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238
Set up a dial gauge against the disc [A] as illustrated.
For the front disc, turn the handlebar fully to one side.
Measure the disc runout while rotating the wheel slowly
If the runout exceeds the service limit, replace the disc.
Standard: Not more than 0.15 mm
Service Limit: 0.3 mm