Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

The output shaft gears can be identified by size; the
largest diameter gear is 1st gear, and the smallest is
6th. Be sure that all parts are put back in the correct
sequence and facing the proper direction, and that all
circlips are properly in place.
[A] 2nd Gear (34T; dog recesses face right)
[B] 5th Gear (28T; fork groove goes to the right side of
the gear teeth)
[C] 4th gear (30T; dog recesses face left)
[D] 3rd gear (31T; dog recesses face right)
[E] 6th gear (26T; fork groove goes to the left side of the
gear teeth)
[F] 1st gear (37T; plain side faces right)
[G] Circlip (1.2 × 18)
[H] Circlip (1.2 × 18 ×23.5)
Check that each gear spins or slides freely on the trans-
mission shaft without binding after assembly.
Shift Drum and Fork Installation
Apply a little transmission oil to the shift fork ears, and fit
the shift forks into the gear grooves.
Shift Fork Identification
Drive shaft 3rd gear and 4th
gear shift fork [A]
ears a re shorter than those of
the other two shift forks
Output shaft 5th and 6th gear
shift forks [B]
ears are longer than the drive
shaft 3rd/4rd gear shift fork