Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Crankshaft, Connecting Rod
Crankshaft Alignment Inspection
In the case of horizontal misalignment, which is the most
common, strike the projecting rim of the flywheel with a
plastic, soft lead, or brass hammer as indicated in the
Recheck the runout with a dial gauge, repeating the
process until the runout falls within the service limit.
Vertical misalignment is corrected either by driving a
wedge in between the flywheels or by squeezing the
flywheel rims in a vise, depending on the nature of the
misalignment. In cases of both horizontal and vertical
misalignment, correct the horizontal misalignment first.
Don’t hammer the flywheel at point "A".
If flywheel misalignment cannot be corrected by the above
method, replace the crankpin or the crankshaft itself.