Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

BRAKES 10-19
Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder Inspection (Visual Inspection)
Disassemble the front and rear master cylinders.
Check that there are no scratches, rust or pitting on the
inner wall of each master cylinder [A] and on the outside
of each piston [B].
If a master cylinder or piston shows any damage, replace
Inspect the primary [C] and secondary [D] cups.
If a cup is worn, damaged, softened (rotted), or swollen,
the piston assembly should be replace to renew the cups.
If fluid leakage is noted at the brake lever, the piston as-
sembly should be replaced to renew the cup.
Check the dust covers [E] for damage.
If they are damaged, replace them.
Check that the relief [G] and supply [H] ports are not
If the small relief port becomes plugged, the brake pads
will drag on the disc. Blow the ports clean with com-
pressed air.
Check the piston return springs [F] for any damage.
If a spring is damaged, replace it.
[J] Front Master Cylinder
[K] Rear Master Cylinder