Kawasaki KX65 Motorcycle User Manual

Brake Fluid
Fluid Level Inspection
In accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart, in-
spect the brake fluid level in the front and rear brake fluid
Check the brake fluid level in the front brake reservoir [A].
Hold the reservoir horizontal when checking brake fluid
The front reservoir must be k ept above the lower level
line [B]. If the fluid level in front reservoir is lower than
the lower level line, fill the reservoir to the upper level
line. Inside the front reservoir is stopped end showing
the upper level line [C].
The rear reservoir [A] must be kept more than half full with
brake fluid. If the amount of brake fluid is insufficient, add
brake fluid.
Fluid Change
In accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart,
change the brake fluid. The brake fluid should also be
changed if it becomes contaminated with dirt or water.
Furthermore, the brake fluid should be changed to bleed
the air quickly and completely whenever the brake line
parts are removed.
Change the brake fluid in the brake line completely
if the brake fluid must be refilled but the type and
brand of the brake fluid that already is in the reser-
voir are unidentified. After changing the fluid, use
only the same type and brand of fluid thereafter.
Mixing different types and brand of brake fluid low-
ers the brake fluid boiling point and could cause the
brake to be ineffective. It may also cause the rubber
brake parts to deteriorate.
Recommended Disc Brake Fluid
DOT3 or DOT4