Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Depending on the maximum number of entries down-
loaded, there may be a short delay before the latest
downloaded names can be used. Until then, if avail-
able, the previous downloaded phonebook is available
for use.
Only the phonebook of the currently connected cellu-
lar phone is accessible.
Only the cellular phone’s phonebook is downloaded.
SIM card phonebook is not part of the Mobile phone-
This downloaded phonebook cannot be edited or
deleted on the Uconnect™ Phone. These can only be
edited on the cellular phone. The changes are trans-
ferred and updated to Uconnect™ Phone on the next
phone connection.
Phonebook Download Single Entry
If equipped and supported by your phone, Uconnect™
Phone allows the user to download entries from their
phone via Bluetooth. To use this feature, press the
button and say “Phonebook Download.” The system
prompts, “Ready to accept “V” card entry via
Bluetooth…” The system is now ready to accept phone-
book entries from your phone using the Bluetooth
Object Exchange Profile (OBEX). Please see your phone
Owner’s Manual for specific instructions on how to send
these entries from your phone.
The phone handset must support Bluetooth OBEX
transfers of phonebook entries to use this feature.