Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

When calling a number with your Uconnect™ Phone that
normally requires you to enter in a touch-tone sequence
on your cellular phone keypad, you can press the
button and say the sequence you wish to enter, followed
by the word ЉSend.Љ For example, if required to enter
your PIN followed with a pound, (3746#),youcan
press the
button and say, Љ3746#Send.Љ Saying
a number, or sequence of numbers, followed by ЉSend,Љ is
also to be used for navigating through an automated
customer service center menu structure, and to leave a
number on a pager.
You can also send stored Uconnect™ Phonebook entries
as tones for fast and easy access to voice mail and pager
entries. To use this feature, dial the number you wish to
call and then press the
button and say, “Send.” The
system will prompt you to enter the name or number and
say the name of the phonebook entry you wish to send.
The Uconnect™ Phone will then send the corresponding
phone number associated with the phonebook entry, as
tones over the phone.
You may not hear all of the tones due to cellular phone
network configurations. This is normal.
Some paging and voice mail systems have system time
out settings that are too short and may not allow the
use of this feature.
Barge In - Overriding Prompts
The “Voice Command” button can be used when you
wish to skip part of a prompt and issue your voice
command immediately. For example, if a prompt is
asking ЉWould you like to pair a phone, clear a...,Љ you
could press the
button and say, ЉPair a PhoneЉ to
select that option without having to listen to the rest of
the voice prompt.