Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Brake/Transmission Interlock System
This vehicle is equipped with a Brake Transmission Shift
Interlock System (BTSI) that holds the shift lever in the
PARK position when the ignition switch is in the LOCK
position. To move the shift lever out of the PARK
position, the ignition switch must be turned to either the
ON or START position (engine running or not) and the
brake pedal must be pressed.
Brake/Transmission Interlock Manual Override
Your vehicle may be equipped with a shift lock manual
override. The manual override may be used in the event
that the shift lever should fail to move from PARK with
the key in the ON position and the brake pedal pressed.
To operate the shift lock manual override, perform the
following steps:
1. Turn the key to the ON position but do not start the
2. Firmly set the parking brake.
3. Using a flat-bladed screwdriver, carefully remove the
shift lock manual override cover which is located on the
PRNDL bezel, above the PARK position.
4. Press and maintain firm pressure on the brake pedal.
5. Using the screwdriver, reach into the manual override
opening. Press and hold the shift lock lever down.