Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

HSA Activation Criteria
The following criteria must be met in order for HSA to
Vehicle must be stopped
Vehicle must be on an 8% or greater incline (3% for
manual transmission equipped vehicles)
Gear selection matches vehicle uphill direction (i.e.,
vehicle facing uphill is in forward gear; vehicle back-
ing uphill is in REVERSE gear).
There may be situations on minor hills (i.e., less than
8%), with a loaded vehicle, or while pulling a trailer
where the system will not activate and slight rolling
may occur, which could cause a collision with an-
other vehicle or object. Always remember the driver
is responsible for braking the vehicle.
The system will only work if the intended direction of the
vehicle and vehicle gear match. For example, if the
intended direction is forward up a hill and the vehicle is
in DRIVE (automatic transmission equipped vehicle),
and the activation criteria are met, HSA will activate.
HSA on Automatic Transmission Vehicles
The system will work in REVERSE, and all forward gears
on vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.
The system will not activate if the vehicle is placed in
HSA on Manual Transmission Vehicles
The system will work in REVERSE, forward gears, and
NEUTRAL on manual transmission equipped vehicles.
The system does not recognize NEUTRAL on manual
vehicles, thus it will hold the vehicle on an incline for a
short period while in NEUTRAL, regardless of clutch
position. To prevent this, do not attempt to roll down a
hill simply by putting the transmission in NEUTRAL and