Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Ejecting with the ignition OFF is not allowed on
convertible or soft-top models (if equipped).
SEEK Button
Press the right SEEK button for the next selection on the
CD. Press the left SEEK button to return to the beginning
of the current selection, or return to the beginning of the
previous selection if the CD is within the first second of
the current selection. Pressing and holding the SEEK
button will allow faster scrolling through the tracks in
CD and MP3 modes.
TIME Button
Press this button to change the display from a large CD
playing time display to a small CD playing time display.
Press and hold FF (Fast Forward) and the CD player will
begin to fast forward until FF is released or RW or
another CD button is pressed. The RW (Reverse) button
works in a similar manner.
AM/FM Button
Press the button to select either AM or FM mode.
SET/RND Button (Random Play Button)
Press this button while the CD is playing to activate
Random Play. This feature plays the selections on the
compact disc in random order to provide an interesting
change of pace.
Press the right SEEK button to move to the next ran-
domly selected track.
Press the SET/RND button a second time to stop Ran-
dom Play.
Notes On Playing MP3 Files
The radio can play MP3 files; however, acceptable MP3
file recording media and formats are limited. When
writing MP3 files, pay attention to the following restric-