Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Engine Oil Viscosity (SAE Grade)
SAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended for all operating
temperatures. This engine oil improves low temperature
starting and vehicle fuel economy.
The engine oil filler cap also shows the recommended
engine oil viscosity for your engine. For information on
engine oil filler cap location, refer to “Engine Compart-
ment” in “Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further informa-
Lubricants which do not have both, the engine oil certi-
fication mark and the correct SAE viscosity grade num-
ber, should not be used.
Synthetic Engine Oils
Synthetic engine oils can be used if the recommended oil
quality requirements are met, and the recommended
maintenance intervals for oil and filter changes are
Materials Added to Engine Oils
The manufacturer strongly recommends against the ad-
dition of any additives (other than leak detection dyes) to
engine oil. Engine oil is an engineered product and its
performance may be impaired by supplemental
Disposing of Used Engine Oil and Oil Filters
Care should be taken in disposing of used engine oil and
oil filters from your vehicle. Used oil and oil filters,
indiscriminately discarded, can present a problem to the
environment. Contact your authorized dealer, service
station, or governmental agency for advice on how and
where used oil and oil filters can be safely discarded in
your area.
Engine Oil Filter
The engine oil filter should be replaced with a new filter
at every engine oil change.