Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Left Center Right
First Row ALR
Second Row ALR ALR ALR
Third Row
If the passenger seating position is equipped with an
ALR and is being used for normal usage:
Only pull the belt webbing out far enough to comfortably
wrap around the occupants mid-section so as to not
activate the ALR. If the ALR is activated you will hear a
ratcheting sound as the belt retracts. Allow the webbing
to retract completely in this case and then carefully pull
out only the amount of webbing necessary to comfort-
ably wrap around the occupants mid-section. Slide the
latch plate into the buckle until you hear a Љclick.Љ
Seat Belt Pretensioners If Equipped
The seat belts for both front seating positions may be
equipped with pretensioning devices that are designed to
remove slack from the seat belt in the event of a collision.
These devices improve the performance of the seat belt
by assuring that the belt is tight about the occupant early
in a collision. Pretensioners work for all size occupants,
including those in child restraints.
NOTE: These devices are not a substitute for proper seat
belt placement by the occupant. The seat belt still must be
worn snugly and positioned properly.
The pretensioners are triggered by the Occupant Re-
straint Controller (ORC). Like the airbags, the pretension-
ers are single use items. A deployed pretensioner or a
deployed airbag must be replaced immediately.
Enhanced Seat Belt Use Reminder System
If the driver’s or front passenger’s (if equipped with belt
alert) seat belt has not been buckled within 60 seconds of
starting the vehicle and if the vehicle speed is greater
than 5 mph (8 km/h), the Enhanced Warning System