Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Mixing of engine coolant (antifreeze) other than
the specified HOAT engine coolant (antifreeze)
may result in engine damage and may decrease
corrosion protection. If a non-HOAT engine cool-
ant (antifreeze) is introduced into the cooling
system in an emergency, it should be replaced with
the specified engine coolant (antifreeze) as soon as
Do not use water alone or alcohol-based engine
coolant (antifreeze) products. Do not use addi-
tional rust inhibitors or antirust products, as they
may not be compatible with the antifreeze/engine
coolant (antifreeze) and may plug the radiator.
CAUTION! (Continued)
This vehicle has not been designed for use with
Propylene Glycol based engine coolant (anti-
freeze). Use of Propylene Glycol base engine cool-
ant (antifreeze) is not recommended.
Adding Engine Coolant
Your vehicle has been built with an improved engine
coolant (antifreeze) that allows extended maintenance
intervals. This engine coolant (antifreeze) can be used up
to five years or 102,000 miles (170 000 km) before
replacement. To prevent reducing this extended mainte-
nance period, it is important that you use the same
engine coolant (antifreeze) throughout the life of your